2003 Unity Pact with UoNYC

(At the time of the agreement below SANJ* (our old name) congregations were affiliated under the name UoNJS or UNJS**.  The name WNAE was adopted in place of both SANJ and UNJS 2006)

* Society for the Advancement of Nazarene Judaism
** Union of Nazarene Jewish Synagogues



Based on mutual understandings and a common desire for Nazarene brotherhood and effectiveness, the Union Of Nazarene Yisraelite Congregations and the Union of Nazarene Jewish Synagogues have agreed to work together in some limited but tangible ways for the benefit of all NETZARIM. Here are the steps we have agreed upon:

a.. Exchange of listings so that more people can be reached
b.. Exchange of conference speakers by invitation
c.. A yet to be determined in person meeting of both boards to
evaluate stances on various issues and common held beliefs.

The UONYC will have an asterisk next to each UONJS listing. On the UONJS list all UONYC will also have a similar designation next to their listings. Moreover both organizations will recognize the entire list of mutual affiliation, so that UONYC and UONJS are both considered associate member affiliates of both groups.

Board of Rabbis

Screenshot from the former UoNYC Website:


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