A Brief History of the Unification of the WNAE and UoNYC

A Brief History of the Unification of the WNAE and UoNYC

1996 The WNAE (under its old name SANJ) is established with the restoration of the International Nazarene Beit Din, organized Nazarene Judaism is restored.

1998 As many from the Lost Ten Tribes are drawn to their Hebraic Roots, the Messianic Israel Alliance (MIA) is founded.

2001 (February) (officially April 16th 2001). Influenced by the WNAE’s teachings of non-selective Torah observance and abstaining from pagan customs nearly half of MIA congregations leave the MIA to form the Union of Two House Congregations.

Oct. 26th 2003 Union of Two House Congregations officially changes its name to Union of Nazarene Yisraelite Congregations (UoNYC).

Nov. 18th 2003 UoNYC enters into a “Unity and Mutual Recognition Pact” with the WNAE, making all UoNYC congregations also WNAE congregations, and vise versa.

August 1, 2004 UoNYC and WNAE leadership hold a leadership summit and agree to work towards even greater unity in coming years. Ultimate unification of the two organizations is discussed as a goal and the UoNYC shuts down the Derech Emet Yeshiva, recognizing the WNAE’s Beit Netzarim Yeshiva in its place.

2006  UoNYC “Traveling Shepherd” Rabbi Rob Miller is added to the International Nazarene Beit Din.

2008 UoNYC and WNAE issue joint unity statement supporting monogamy.

2013 After a decade of unity and mutual recognition with the WNAE, the UoNYC is dissolved, leaving all UoNYC congregations members of the WNAE.

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